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Most experienced Wedding Planners and Wedding Stylists in Delhi. Weddings are an important life event, and WEDDING EYE is here to help you make your wedding memories wonderful.


Weddings are the time of great celebration, preparation and for eternal happiness as; they mark as the beginning of new era and the bonding of two Souls. The respective families of these two souls are uniting to celebrate and shower blessing for the lovely life ahead. However, the preparation for this celebration can be hectic or involves leg work - this is where “ Wedding EYE” make a path to assist you, right from the beginning of the concept and beyond the event also.

Weddings are always the best opportunity to see your family and friends. Weddings in India hold a special place in Indian social calendar. They are always the best way to show your class and your style. Weddings are but very difficult to plan and organize. They present a lot of challenges that make it difficult to enjoy the event altogether. True is a popular wedding planner that helps you achieve your dream wedding.

Wedding EYE is a creative wedding events and Entertainment Company headquartered in Delhi NCR since 2008. We specialize in making your dreams, desires and fantasies into reality with our full-fledged and specialized professionals. We are always ready to do what we takes to make your special day into more special!!

At Wedding EYE, we create innovative and immersive wedding experiences. However, we can give you end to end solutions to make your wedding perfect. From planning to creation, entertainment, décor and beyond, we have developed a good reputation in the competitive market. We have collected a lot of experience in offering services like Destination Wedding, Ring Ceremony, Mehandi Night, Theme wedding, Invitation cards Selection and Design, Sounds and Lighting Coordination, Guest Welcoming, Entertainment Planning, Belly Dancers, & Booking, Design & Decor Planning, Venue Suggestion, Booking, Food & Beverage Planning, Varmala Theme Concept, Professional Photography and Video Graphy, and Budget Creation etc and constantly upgraded our strengths in all areas of wedding execution.

Famous Wedding Planner in Delhi

We at Wedding EYE work closely with you and your family members to creative a unique wedding, reflecting your personality and individual taste. We are occasion chiefs that always strive hard to deliver perfect. Moreover, we sort out all little or huge, inside or outside wedding occasions. No matter what special event you have in mind. We as a famous Wedding Planners in Delhi a mainly goal is to make the best quality administration and to be the pioneer in occasion administration industry and fulfils our clients, as our benefit.

Wedding EYE in Delhi is the one-stop solution that understands your budget, your high expectations and your limitations. Our wedding planners are spontaneous, flexible and always full of life, even at the time of crisis. Be it a traditional, classical or contemporary wedding planning, our team members are always there with their unbeaten creative ideas to make an ordinary weddings into extraordinary wedding. We always help our clients to divert their funds judiciously, so as to make right impact on their family, friends and business associates. We cater to all kinds of budget, making weddings a truth for middle-segment budgets too, while adhering to all your needs and requirements.

Summary: -

Wedding EYE are the most renowned Famous Wedding Planners and Organizers in Delhi. They save all your hassle for planning a perfect wedding and make it your dream wedding.

So hurry up!! Call us or drop a message to experience the magic of a masterpiece wedding creation!

Ways To Make Indian Weddings Gorgeous And Attractive

Wedding is one of the most remarkable occasions for the people in Indian as celebrations continue to take place for a few days. While the wedding ceremony involves an array of rituals, the pre-wedding ceremonies are equally attractive. Nowadays, Wedding Planners are hired by the people to make the wedding glorious and enticing. From the apparel of the bride and the bridegroom to delectable dishes and authentic jewelry, each event unfurls a new surprise and the wedding becomes a gala event.

Fashion in weddings

The wedding dress of the bride and the bridegroom needs special attention and with all the options that can make the wedding gorgeous, fashion designers have an opportunity to mingle the traditional and modern aspects to create dresses that are new and appealing. According to the tradition of Indian weddings, the bride wears lehengacholi that are heavily embroidered and have intricate zariwork that resonates with the culture of the people residing in Indian . With such an elaborate outfit which is adorned with heavy thread work, the people of this country have started moving into experiments while still preserving the conventional mode of wedding. The introduction of sequins, crystals, pearl and kundan beadwork, the dress of the bride and the groom must have a special feature on the big day.

Planning for the wedding

Weddings in Indian are held with a lot of pomp and grandeur and it is an occasion of celebration for the people in the family and the entire community. The planning for wedding starts much ahead of the actual day of the wedding and the essence of the wedding creeps in from the first day of planning. The society in Indian is typically orthodox in which rituals are followed by the bride and the groom along with their families. However, there are differences in planning that are largely based on regions. In most cases, the families meet often to discuss about the weddings and the planning which is convenient for all.

Wedding decor and themes

With the advent of wedding themes, the people in Indian prefer to stick to the norms although new aspects have replaced the old methods. Thus, you can expect a theme wedding for the people in Indian in which a particular theme is chosen and the décor is created around it. The use of flowers in Indian weddings has a great deal of significance and you can find different patterns of arrangement. Flowers can be seen right from the entrance of the venue to the other areas. In fact, the floral essence adds a zing to the wedding.


Wedding is an occasion of Entertainment and in Indian , there is a lot of excitement surrounding the weddings. When it comes to entertainment, there is a dazzling ceremony which music and dance takes the center stage and all the guests participate in the entertainment. Although the communities in Indian have their ways to entertain the guests but a lot of fusion elements have entered the wedding ceremonies in this country. The truth is that the people weddings have created new avenues that create a whole lot of aura and charisma that surround the weddings that take place in this country.

Jewelry of the bride

Although weddings in Indian are encapsulated with rituals, fashion designers have started creating new and unique pieces for the bride without compromising the traditional elements. Jewelry made from kundan is famous and is worn by the bride on the day of the wedding, combination of kundan with other elements have become popular. In addition to this, polki jewelry has attained a lot of popularity during the recent times.

Catering and food

The people of Indian love to savor food and the wedding ceremony is an occasion in which there are traditional food items that include biryani and the various preparations of meat and breads such as naan and paratha. Firni is a special dessert that is meant to titillate the taste buds of the guests, particularly those that have sweet tooth.

Wedding photography

Nowadays, people hire professional photographers to capture every moment of the wedding and the videos that are cherished by the bride and the groom.

Tips and advices

A wedding is a celebration of happiness when two people come together to spend their lives. When it comes to weddings in Indian , the fusion of the traditional and the modern elements is a good option in which arrangements can be made pocket-friendly for the people without compromising on their choices.

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wedding planners in delhi

Wedding Eye is a full service wedding event management company in delhi, dedicated to quality and excellence. Since our inception, we have strived continuously to the flawless execution of events. Read More ..

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wedding planners in delhi

We offer our client an excellent quality range of Wedding Decorations. These Wedding Decorations offered in many different designs, shapes, sizes and colors. Our range of Wedding Decorations available.. Read More ..

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We understand and execute your ideas to give you impeccable wedding reception halls, venues as per specific requirements. Book Wedding Venue Today. Our team understand the facilities of a venue. .. Read More ..

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Booking the right wedding DJ can make a huge difference in your wedding reception. The right wedding DJ service can make the difference between a boring wedding and one that your wedding ... Read More ..

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We are proud because of the fact that we offer Lotus Varmala theme. It highlights the aspect of these varmala themes are definitely the subtle work related to the design and color combination. . Read More ..

Theme Wedding

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We are focused on providing Themed Wedding Planning. Delivered by one of the adept leadership of our crew, these services can be obtained from our budget friendly prices. .. Read More ..

Belly Dance Show

Belly Dancers

The Wedding Eye offers exotic belly, dancers Russian dancers in New Delhi, Mumbai,Goa and all Over Idia for Wedding functions, different events and parties.. .. Read More ..

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